Wyandotte Business Association - 3rd Friday Behind the Scenes

by Gabrielle Cataldo


The Wyandotte Business Association (WBA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Wyandotte as a great community in which to live, work, shop, and enjoy leisure time. The Wyandotte Business Association operates as a separate, private non-profit entity. The WBA functions through countless volunteer hours and efforts of our local business owners

The organization has been active in our community for over 40 years, and has worked as an effective platform for the local businesses to work and thrive together. It has provided its members with the opportunity to network, share resources, and tackle and unite on pressing issues. This group continues to work together to improve the overall business climate in the city, and to create an atmosphere that attracts customers. Together, they have laid foundations for Wyandotte as a favorable place to work and recline. One of their most rewarding efforts has been their 3rd Friday events held in Downtown Wyandotte every third Friday evening each month. These themed events have grown more and more over the years, and have become an anticipated night for our local business owners and local residents alike.

The events would not be possible if it was not for the dedicated, engaged community of local businesses that make up the WBA. Arduous hours of volunteer work and ambitious energy is put into the planning of each event, with each year the organization striving to make it better than the one before. Active, collective participation from the businesses has built the 3rd Friday events into dynamic happenings. They provide formidable event activities that highlight the businesses and its people. These events, along with many other efforts made by the WBA is what has built the stepping stones for our local businesses to thrive, even when economic times are trying.

Over the past 40 years, The Wyandotte Business Association has been undergoing many changes- like its former name “Wyandotte Merchant Association”, but its focus has always been the small business community. A while back then, the organization founded and handled the Wyandotte Street Fair.   Now with 3rd Fridays under their belt, the organization is growing.  Its goal is to have more opportunities for the local businesses to gain exposure outside of the footprint of Wyandotte. They have been building partnerships with organizations and companies such as 101 WRIF, the KCBS, Wyandotte’s very own marketing company MediaGrump LLC as well as building relations with other local Michigan businesses. This has been drawing in outside residents from other Downriver cities, and as far as extending out-of-state and into Canada. Because of these efforts, Wyandotte is becoming more known and the foot traffic is growing. People are seeing that we are a wonderful city to shop, drink, and dine!

The Wyandotte Business Association has also been able to give back directly to the community to such local non-profits such as the Wyandotte Jaycees, Wyandotte Kiwanis, Boys Scouts, Wyandotte Henry Ford Hospital Yes Ma’am Program, Wyandotte Roosevelt High School Football 

Wyandotte Roosevelt High School Music Booster Programs and many others. The WBA feels that giving back to the community is an important aspect to its mission as an organization. “The non-profits have an opportunity to have a presence in our activities,” say Lara Cameron, long standing WBA Board Member. “The Wyandotte Kiwanis and the WBA have partnered together for several 3rd Friday events for years now.” Such as, Kid-a-palooza July’s WBA 3rd Friday popular family event where Kiwanis gave over 300 helmets to children and a raffled bicycle.

We would like to take some time to thank everyone that has been part of the Wyandotte Business Association in the past and currently a member today. Truly, without your participation, the organization would not be what it is today.


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